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Sportys Warehouse water sports department carries the largest selection of all water sports on the gold coast including Scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming and spear fishing. Not only do we do everything water, we also deal with skateboards, scooters and rollerblades. We pride ourselves on having stock all year round, and having a huge range to keep everyone happy, as well as having our friendly staff being knowledgeable on all of our products and sports. 

All of our staff are involved in water sports, whether its swimming, scuba diving, snorkelling or skating, you will find them on their days off doing one of these hobbies. This is how they have the knowledge of water sports...they live it. 

Within our Scuba diving section, we carry the most popular asked for brands including Mares, Oceanic, Cressi and Tusa. All of our brands are well known within the industry and are amazing quality. Whether you want to purchase a new set up with BCD, Regulators, Computer and wetsuit, or just need a spare mask strap, we have everything you will ever need for scuba diving. Because our staff are involved in the Scuba diving industry, we are able to give plenty of advice on great spots to dive, local or away.

Dive Specialist Gold Coast


Our snorkelling area is full of stock all year round, just because its winter doesn’t mean we stop stocking and people stop snorkelling! We are the only store on the gold coast who stocks snorkelling gear throughout winter. Our snorkelling area consists of Mares, Ocean Pro and Tusa, with a huge range of masks, snorkels and fins our friendly staff are here to personally fit you for a perfect fit every time. We understand that people want to try on before they buy, for this reason, all of our masks can be taken out of their packaging for trying. All of our Masks and snorkels are made of 100% silicone and tempered glass, therefore being the very best quality they can be to last many years.   We also have 3mm and 5mm wetsuits, reef walkers in all sizes from Junior size 11 all the way to men’s size 13. If you need bags, rash shirts or accessories, we have everything here. Looking after you snorkelling gear is very important with regards to its life span. After every use you need to give the gear a thorough wash with warm soapy water, then a good rinse with fresh water to get the suds off. This will prevent your gear from perishing and therefore last longer.  Whether you are a beginner or an expert in snorkelling, we have the largest range on the gold coast for everything water.

Snorkeling Equipment

Spear Fishing

 Our spear fishing area is more of a specific area, where all staff have been trained with the knowledge of not only the gear, but also of how to service and fix the guns. We keep a large range of brands including, Rob Allen, Free divers, Andre, Mares and Cressi. These brands are all well known brands and we carry spare parts in store for any mishaps.  If you’re just a beginner, no problem, you can start off with one of our many hand spears to practise your accuracy and the feel of hunting. Then when you’re ready we can fit you out for a whole pack, including, guns, wetsuits, fins, and accessories for the most enjoyable diving.  Again, we will make sure everything is a snug personal fit so you are comfortable and confident in the water. Let us know where you are planning on doing most of your dives and we will recommend the perfect spear gun length to suit the environment. We are also happy to give plenty of advise out, places to dive, how to rig up a gun or even what the visibility is like. Other than the gun, spear fishing fins are a big part of how you will perform. Due to being on breath hold, the aim is to use as little air as possible, therefore having free diving fins will help get down and back up as fast as possible without using much air or effort. This is due to the fact that free diving fins are alot longer and stiffer than a conventional fin, given you plenty of thrust with minimum effort.  When you have all the correct gear, you will find yourself performing better than you thought possible.

Swimming Accessories

Within our swimming area, we have covered all aspects, so whether you are a beginner, professional or just want to do some water aerobics, we have everything you need. Speedo and Vorgee are our 2 largest stocked ranges, however we do keep eyeline and Head swimming gear for a more specific request.  Goggles, caps, fins, pull bouys and kick boards; these are just some of the items we keep, and with that we always have more than 1 type for everyone’s preference.

If there is something you are after and we do not have it in store, 9 times out of 10, we will be able to order it in for you. Customer service is so important to us, every customer that walks out, walks out happy. 

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